Carmen Ortega SPEAKS about affair with Jason DeRulo


Jason DeRulo’s SIDE PIECE is “Talking Dirty,” about their one month summer fling IN 2013.
Video heaux, Carmen Ortega, took her #MCM out of her mouth to SPEAK about her short lived affair with DeRulo while he was still dating Jordin Sparks.
LAST YEAR, Carmen was seen in a thot dress holding Jason’s hand as they exited the fine dining facility that is IHOP.
In the NEWEST edition of  STAR magazine, Carmen (not wanting 15 minutes of fame or anything….just wanting to be honest) SPILLS about her 30 days on Jason’s sideline and CLAIMS she had no CLUE he was dating Jordin.


Clearly accustomed to “soda and nuggets,” Carmen thought her “relationship” with Jason was valid, using their 3 am run to an IHOP as her proof.
“We dated for a month. We went out in public (TO IHOP) with friends a few times, so I assumed he didn’t have a girlfriend.”
The picture of classy, Carmen claims she DEADED the relationship or IHOPship with Jace as SOON as she found out he was still with Jordin.
“I cut ties with him immediately. He tried telling me their relationship was strictly fueled by management teams. He lied to me the entire time.”
Heauxs love being honest a year later.
It’s been reported that despite this MESSY SPLIT, Jordin wishes Jace-Jace, “the best.”

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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