Case against NOTORIOUS BIGs estate? Bad Boy Ent. NOT having it!

“Damn N**gas wanna stick me for my paper,” are the infamous words the Notorious B.I.G. spat on his song, “Warning,” in ’94. Now ten years later his right hand man Diddy, his BM Faith Evans,  and his Mother Voletta Wallace are singing the SAME TUNE.
Musician, Lee Hutson, filed a federal lawsuit against Bad Boy Entertainment and the estate of Biggie, run by his ex-wife Faith Evans and mother.
Huston claims the rapper stole a of sample from his 1973 song “Can’t Say Enough About Mom” for his song “The What” on his 1994 album “Ready to Die“.
 He is DEMANDING 50% of the profits made from the song and album.
Well Fae Fae, Mom Voltetta and Bad Boy Entertainment DEMAND that Huston GTFOH. 
The court docs explain, Despite knowing that he owns nothing, every few years Mr. Hutson somehow recruits another lawyer to advocate on his behalf about matters long ago resolved.”
They state that Hutson owns NO copyrights to the music at hand. Legal docs say, “The sole common element between the two works the use of a single guitar chord, channeled through a guitar pedal, commonly known as a “wah-wah” pedal – is not copyrightable.”


Oh, you thought they were done with Mr. Huston’s well deserved READ? TUH. 
 “The songs are different, and share no musical, structural, rhythmic or thematic similarities. An average lay observer would not recognize or conclude that The What was taken from the Can’t Say Enough.
So SIT DOWN Mr. Huston. 
The rappers estate and Bad Boy Entertainment are DEMANDING the entire lawsuit be dismissed and Hutson ZERO dollars and ZERO cents in profits from Biggie’s album.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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