Cheaters Prosper??: Mary J. Blige says it “ain’t fair” she has to pay Kendu spousal support



“How is it that somebody gets to cheat and destroy everybody’s life but I’ve got to pay for it? That ain’t fair!,” Mary J. Blige lamented in reference to the hefty spousal support checks she’s been ordered to cut her cheating husband of 12 years…




While melodically snatching the 27-piece wigs off of the heads of anyone within a 10 mile radius of the 2017 Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA over the weekend, R&B’s most dance-happy songstress openly aired out her grievances over her super-sour split from Kendu Isaacs…

“You can’t have two queens,” MJB barked at her male fans as she blessed the crowd with a few words of wisdom, on Saturday.


Mary J Blige spousal support
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“For me, ladies, I’m a little crazy – maybe a lot – but I’m more selfish with my relationships. And (what) I will not appreciate is my man coming home comparing me to Suzy on the job… Don’t ever compare me to nobody… because there’s only one Mary J. Blige out there.”

F*** SUZY…
Making reference to the $30,000/a month spousal support check ANDDDD the $235,000 lump sum a judge recently ordered her to pay Kendu–which is waaaaay TF less than the $129,319 he was initially gunning for after she filed for divorce in July 2016–the 46-year-old “Not Gonna Cry” crooner then said, “How is it that somebody gets to cheat and destroy everybody’s life but I’ve got to pay for it? That ain’t fair!”

Mary’s on-stage rant against her money-hungry ex boo/manager comes just days after he professed his undying love to the “Enough Cryin” singer, via Instagram, following her powerful performance at the 2017 BET Awards

“I love you to death Mary J. Blige, I can’t even begin to understand why you are going on about this the way you have been,” Kendu wrote in regards to all the negative publicity surrounding him in light of their impending divorce. “I never wanted to discuss our life airing the laundry. You know me better than that. You and I really need to talk and stop all this negative nonsense. I love you and I always will regardless of your actions.”




No telling if Mary and Kendu will ever be able to repair their severely severed lines of communication…But here’s hoping sis’ heart (and wallet) get some much needed TLC once all this spousal support/break-up drama dies down…


By : Asia Grace

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