Childish Gambino gets BOOED off stage in Australia  


Though Hip-Hop heads are currently slow bobbin to Childish Gambino’s cover of Tamia’s 1998 hit classic “So into You,” it was only a few days ago that the 32-year-old rapper was getting BOOED off a stage in Australia for a very disappointing performance. 


Sources swirl claiming the “3005” spitter has PISSED OFF his fans from down under as he short changed them by barely performing during an “intimate gig” at the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle. 

According to The Hearld, concert goers demanded a refund of their COIN because Childish stayed behind the DJ booth for nearly an hour as a group named Royalty performed for the bulk of the time.

When Gambino finally took the stage, after 40 minutes of making his Aussie stans wait, he was greeted by a bunch of boos and obscenities. 

 Childish Gambino gets BOOED off stage in Australia  

Following the incident, the Cambridge Hotel issued the following statement on Facebook:

“To everyone who came to see Childish Gambino show last night we are as disappointed as all of you. 

We had the opportunity to present Childish Gambino to Newcastle in an intimate gig and we jumped at the chance as we aim to bring the best possible acts to Newcastle for music lovers. As seen last night, unfortunately we have no control over the acts performance once on stage.

For those that aren’t aware, Canberra and ourselves were 2 additional Childish Gambino shows that were promoted in the exact same way as part of his current tour and we were extremely excited to be presented with this opportunity. Subsequently he didn’t deliver on what was billed and expected by everyone, including us.

The Cambridge strives to deliver Newcastle the highest quality live music possible and we will continue to do so.

Like you, we were equally excited to present the act and its only matched by the disappointment in the performance by the act.”

The concert promoters spilled theGuardian Australia that Gambino was contracted to rock the mic during the entire show. 

“…As per the contract that we have signed, honored and paid for. There are no words in the contract about a DJ set,” a promoter said. 

No word on whether or not the hotel or the event promoters are looking to sue Childish for chinching the Australian audience…

So far, the Atlanta native had NOT made any public comments concerning this MESSY moment….


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