Chinx Drugz’s baby mama SPEAKS OUT  



The baby mama of slain rapper, Chinx Drugz, claims that she was NOT his side piece, says she did NOT know he was married, and insists she is NOT here for attention.




Days after the 31-year-old “Coke Boy,” rhymer was GUNNED down in a drive by shooting, rumors about his extra-marital affairs flooded the Internet…




Despite his wife, Janelli Caceres’, attempts to kill his unfaithful infused gossip, a pregnant young woman has recently come forward with information about her and Chinx’s romance.

In a recent interview with Bossip, Chinx’s BM, Patricija Muratovic, SPILLED on her relationship with the late artist in effort to DEAD false assumptions being made in the media…


After confirming that the murdered Queens born emcee was indeed the father of her unborn child, Partricija claimed she and Chinx were in love and revealed that she was unaware he was married.


“I understand how it seems, because of the timing in how people learned about me and Chinx and our relationship. But please remember that the way people are hearing about this all now, is not how life happens. I met and loved Chinx and was with him without ever knowing about any other women in his life,” she SERVED.


Shortly after discovering her boyfriend was married, the mother-to-be says she and his wife became very friendly and kept in contact even after their relationship ended.

“Chinx and I separated,” Pat-Pat says. “During our separation I spoke many times with Janelli and I’ve come to know her to be an amazing woman.”




Lastly, Patricija explained that she does NOT want the attention from the media while she is mourning the loss of her child’s father and attempting to move on without him.


“I loved [Chinx]. I would much rather that all of this be over. I’m still dealing with the fact that he’s gone. I don’t know how to deal with the rest of it,” said his 8 month pregnant ex.


She continued, “It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of me or what I had or didn’t have with Chinx. What matters is that the focus be on the future. On remembering who Chinx was as an artist, as a father, as a man. I will find my peace at the end of this, I know. I pray all who knew and loved Chinx do as well.”





Since his passing, Chinx’s family has created a GoFundMe page, raising money for his and Janelli’s three children…


We hope this new baby benefits from the funds as well….


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