Chris Brown allegedly denied entry into Japan

The devil is being active AF in Chris Brown’s life as the singer has reportedly been DENIED entry into Japan due to the Los Angeles Police Department’s open investigation into his supposed threat against Baylee Curran…


The mobility of your boy Breeze has been put on pause as the 27-year-old “This Bi*** Lyin” T-shirt pusher’s application for a Japanese work visa was allegedly flagged by the country’s officials…In light of the kid’s legal woes stemming from his August 30 arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. 
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A Japanese consulate spilled to TMZ claiming their nation has a very low tolerance for admitting visitors with criminal backgrounds and open cases. 
Though in the past, CB’s felt the similar cold shoulder from Australia when he attempted to do his thing for fans down-under in the midst of his filth with Rihanna, reps for the R&B boomer say he may reapply for a visa into Japan so he can slay the sage for his riders in Tokyo next week.  
As for his case, the LAPD is still investigating whether or not Chris actually pulled a gun on Baylee during a house party last month..
By : Asia Grace 

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