Chris Brown capes for himself against criminal assault accusations [VIDEO]


“My n**** I’m innocent, f*** everybody,” Chris Brown says in his own defense after tea spilled that he threatened a woman with a gun…

Today, the leader of the #TeamBreezy fan gang was named the sole suspect of a criminal assault against a female he allegedly pulled a gun on during verbal altercation that went down inside his L.A. crib. 



chris brown

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In response to the accusations being made against him, the 27-year-old “Look At Me Now” vocalist hopped on Instagram DEADING rumors of his misbehavior. 


In his rantings, Chris Breezy calls the police “the worser gang in the world” and yells “Black Lives Matter” before giving his haters the middle finger. 

Before bringing his digital tirade to a close, the cigarette-puffing singer promoted his latest project and called himself an industry “daddy” who deserves some RESPECK on his name..

As previously reported on Cheekywiki, The police are currently investigating the case against Chris Brown… 

Word on the curb has it cops have retrieved guns and drugs from the singer’s enforcement is reportedly stationed outside of Chris’ residence waiting for him to surrender. 


By : Asia Grace 

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_        

Twitter: @Cheekywiki    

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