Chris Brown on the hook to return $30K to Tampa club after allegedly punching photographer

Chris Brown’s legal team presumably gets very little rest. And now that the Tampa nightclub in which he allegedly punched a photographer is gunning for the return of the coins they paid him to perform, his lawyers might as well forget about ever sleeping again.. 
AJA Channelside, the Florida based turn up spot where the 27-year-old “Ain’t Loyal” harmonizer and his peoples were said to have engaged in a messy altercation with the venue’s resident camera guy on Monday, is reportedly prepared to sue Breezy for the $30,000 they gave him in exchange for an hour-long showcase. 



Sources connected to the money issue spill to TMZ claiming Chris dipped out of the club after making a five minute appearance… He was supposedly pissed off that 38-year-old Bennie L. Vinnes was snapping pictures and ultimately sucker punched the photographer in the mouth.


Chris Brown Tampa Club
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And while the embattled “Party” vocalist would have been within his rights to leave the venue and keep the stacks he was paid had he felt unsafe, the powers that be at AJA Channelside are said to feel that because he started the fight by assaulting Bennie, he needs to run them their check back..

Chris Breezy and his camp have yet to respond to the club’s request for repayment…
As for the Bennie, the photog maintains he suffered a busted lip and several other injuries as a result of CB’s supposed two piece… He’s filed a police report and is gearing up to sue the singer for wrongfully messing him up and causing him to miss days of work..


By : Asia Grace        

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

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