Chris Browns CURVED fan SPEAKS


Breezy is about to be MADDER.
He already SNAPPED on TMZ’s editor Harry Levin by calling him, “The Devil,” for making his latest “FAN SWERVE” hot.
Name calling is CLEARLY not holding TMZ from conducting business. In fact it’s PUSHING to go DEEPER.
The media company lead by “the devil,” spoke with the female fan Chris reportedly shoved when she went in for a smooch with the singer.
Here’s the TMZ TEA:
“The woman — Mandee — admits to us … she was wasted after Chris’ performance at the Houston club.  She claims 5 drinks and some shots, which definitely qualifies as wasted.
She also admits it’s understandable that Chris — who was turned the other way when she grabbed him — was simply reacting to her unwanted face grab when he pushed her … but feels he went too far.”
We don’t doubt Mandee, Harry Levin, Rihanna, and all the other people that CB has hurt will be offered a reality show one day.
Prob called “CURVED by CHRIS”

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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