Ciara and Monica NO LONGER Friends

According to MediaTakeOut,  MUVA Ciara  grew furious with long time GOOD GIRLFRIEND MUVA Monica because Mo never told he that her ex boyfriend RAP FAVA Future was still HAVING AN AFFAIR with one of his ex-girlfriends, while CIARA WAS PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD.
Sources are SPILLING GUTS claiming that the “Angel of Mine” singer got word of the affair STRAIGHT from the other woman’s mouth (we guess once she removed “lil Future” from HER MOUTH, she couldn’t wait to BLAB about the affair). 
CiCi is crushed that Mon SAT on that information. 
Well once Ciara found out, she stopped all communications with  and TOOK TO TWITTER subbing MUVA Monica saying:
 “When A Person Is Willing To Speak ILL Things Of Someone Close To Them, You Must Know Without A Shadow Of Doubt They Will Do It To You.” She added, “Never Think Twice When You Hear Them Blurbing Away…That First Gut Instinct Is Right.”
So SAD. 
MUVA Mon is CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE of drama between two friends.  Monica has been friends with Ciara since she was a LITTLE GIRL. We cant speak for her relationship with the OTHER WOMAN (because she’s a NOBODY), but we hope Ci and Mon can get back on BESTIE track. 

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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