Clink-Clink: Playboi Carti arrested on domestic battery charges for fight with girlfriend

Playboi Carti is learning the hard way that police do NOT play games when it comes to reports of domestic abuse…



On Thursday, the 20-year-old rookie rapper found himself clinked-up in handcuffs following a physical altercation with his girlfriend of three years in LAX airport.
According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Carti and his boo got caught up in a super heated exchange after she refused his suggestion she give her mother a courtesy check-in call.

Playboi Carti arrested
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Georgia’s “Magnolia” rapping son reportedly told law enforcement he snatched his girlfriend’s phone from her hands and grabbed her by her backpack to pull her out of the terminal. He says she hit him, but he was not injured.
One eyewitness claims Playboi’s bae slapped him in the face, while another bystander–who called the boys in blue–claims to have seen a red mark on the gf’s chest from the XXL’s 2017 Freshman spitter pulling her by the backpack straps; however, cops didn’t see any physical injuries on either of them.
Regardless, Carti was arrested shortly after the brawl for misdemeanor domestic battery.. He posted bail of $20k and was released early Friday morning.
By : Asia Grace

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