Coins-Shmoins: Cardi B to go half on $1 MILLION wedding with Offset: “it’s a partnership”

She’s rich, she rich, she rich…

And thanks to her bags-a-plenty, Cardi B is prepared to split the over $1,000,000 bill for her nuptials with fiancé, Offset.

Not to be outdone by the upcoming royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, Bronx’s 25-year-old regular degular daughter revealed, during a recent interview on BBC Radio One, that she’s gearing up to match the millions her hubby-to-be spends on their decked-out holy matrimony, despite the fact that he has way more money than her.

“I don’t think that will be fair,” Cardi said when asked why the Migos hitmaker isn’t bankrolling the entire extravaganza alone. “I don’t like putting all that responsibility on my man. No, it’s a partnership”

Cardi B offset wedding

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Defending her decision to go halfsies with the “T-Shirt” spitter, Bardi added, “I feel like my expenses are gonna be more expensive than his. I feel like my wedding dress itself is gonna be $50,000.”

When challenged on the expected price of her bridal gear, the two-time Grammy nominated baddie said, “Yeah, it’s gotta be extravagant. I only get married once.”

As for plans on welcoming any little Bad and Bodak babies with Offset—who already fathers three children from several previous relationships— the Hip-Hop honey said, “I want kids,” adding that she hopes to start her brood two years from now.

“I’m 25, I don’t want to have a kid when I’m old,” she served.


By: Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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