Cold World: Migos trolls Joe Budden in visuals for “Ice Tray” [VIDEO]

Migos is masterfully mocking foe, Joe Budden, in their upcoming music video, by trolling the seasoned rapper for his “struggle” to remain relevant..

For rudely storming off camera during their red carpet interview at the 2017 BET Awards in June, the “Bad And Boujee” boomers are taking their beef with Complex’s Everyday Struggle host to a new level of SHADYYYYYY!

Per teaser visuals for freshly dropped single, “Ice Tray,” Quavo, TakeOff, and Offset come for Joe’s entire neck by casting stunt doubles to messily portray the “PumpIt Up” spitter and his two co-hosts, on the set of their show, openly hating on Migos’ otherworldly success.

“They not about the culture. They making hundreds of thousand in shows. Making millions in endorsements. Look at they jewelry. I aint have jewelry like that,” Joe’s bitter doppelgänger rants at the top of the video.

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Twitter: @Cheekywiki

Elsewhere, the Slaughterhouse rapper’s stand-in angrily flips a table and barks “They not hip-hop” before walking off set—an unabashed nod to his BET Awards stunt.

Ice Tray Da Gang Control The Streets Vol. 1 Out Now Everywhere

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Last week, Joe took to social media in response to the “lyrical venom” Migos’ de facto leader, Quavo, tosses his way on the track—on which the North Atlanta native said, “If a n***a hatin’ call him Joe Budden (P***sy).”

He doubled down on clapping back at the Hip-Hop trio by individually dragging each of them by their baby hairs on EverydayStruggle.

It’s unclear when Migos plans to drop the full “Ice Tray” music video. But it’s safe to assume Joe & Co. will be mercilessly trolled throughout the entire piece.

And as always, we’ll be here…under our bonnet and chomping down on popcorn…watching the beef ensue.


By: Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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