College Prof. Clap Back: Bun B pulls up on racist who gave him the finger [VIDEO]


If you throw the middle finger up at rap legend, Bun B, you run the risk of getting your azz Throwed…or at least severely cursed out!


In light of the contentious race-driven protests currently afflicting America following last weekend’s deadly white supremacists rally in Charlottesville, VA, the 44-year-old UGK representative found himself engaged in a verbal tet-a-tet with a presumed racist who allegedly flipped him the bird during a demonstration.

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“F*** you up,” B yelled as he angrily approached his unnamed. “ B****h, I’m a college professor, motherf***er. Rice University, motherf***er[…] You gave me the finger. “

When white male onlookers tried assuaging tensions by creating a physical barrier between Bun and his naughty finger-flexing foe, the Trill promoting Houston native crossly demanded they keep their hand off of him…

Luckily for all parties involved, a fleet of uniformed police officers peacefully DEADED the heated altercation before tempers reached fisticuff levels….


Bun B’s confrontation with the racist protestor comes shortly after another hater launched a petition requesting the Texas reppin rhymer BANNED from all Houston professional sporting games.

The call to action, made via, charges that B’s presence at the events equates to imminent doom for Houston’s athletic teams…

We have lost players, prime time games and shots at championships every time he’s involved from appearances to his songs.” the petition– curated by a man name Dontralle Brown Reed–reads. “The fans are growing tired and this has been going on the past five years. He only comes around when we are winning, so its only right to ban him from the teams. He is a bandwagon for his image.

At this point, Bun B has yet to openly address his run-in with the middle finger flipper nor has he publicly commented on the petition he be denied access to sports tournaments in his hometown.


By : Asia Grace
Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_
Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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