Columbus Short EVICTED from his house


Columbus Short CAME UP SHORT on the RENT and his landlord SERVED him,”YOU GOTTA GET THE HELL UP OUT OF HERE.”
Since those, “Scandal,” checks have STOPPED rolling in, it’s safe to ASSUME ex star of the ABC hit show is SHORT on the DOUGH.
SO MUCH SO that his landlord SHOWED HIM THE DOOR.
When Columbus fell behind on his nearly $7k a month rent for his spot in the Valley, the landlord got a court order giving Short 5 days to GET HIS SH*T and GET OUT.
In true Short man, Short fuse, Columbus Short fashion, he DIPPED out of his former living space WITHOUT paying his back due rent.
And WE wonder why NO ONE wants to do business with US.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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