Controversial New Show: Sex and the N*ggaz

Fan of “Sex and the City?”
Well, hows about giving new Brazilian show, “Sex and the N*ggaz” a try.
WHITE screen writer, Miguel Falabella, has the world in UPHEAVAL as he aims to air television show, “Sex and the N*ggaz,” which follows the sexual lives of four BLACK woman.
A national boycott has ensued and critics are NOT HERE FOR IT.
One writer from said:
“In the series “Sex and the N*ggaz”, the narrator is a white person. She is a voyeur; someone who is looking through a keyhole at the sexuality and the bodies of black women who can be raped and manipulated by structural whiteness, not only literally but also through cultural representation. Our existence is fetishised. We are on display for the white gaze. Moreover, even when the characters in “Sex and the N*ggaz” are placed in situations of explicit racism and sexism, they do not react. The women remain silent or dissolve into strange giggles. These women do not represent us.”
Though quite often used as a term of endearment in the urban community, use of the, “N- Word,” is a NO NO when it comes to THE MAN degrading black people for entertainment.
There is a Facebook page DEDICATED to STOPPING the show from airing.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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