Cops hoping Future can help find his bodyguard’s murderer  

R. I. P. 

In the wake of the untimely passing of Future’s bodyguard, police are hoping the “Thought It Was A Drought,” rhymer can assist them in finding his murderer. 



On Monday, Fu’s homeboy, Michael Phillips, was shot and killed at his home in Jonesboro, Georgia.  

Although law enforcement has yet to lock down any suspects in the homicide, they are said to be following leads that will direct them to the assailant. 

“Some of the neighbors heard some arguing and some gunshots. We’re still interviewing some of them to try and piece together everything at this time,” spilled Lieutenant Frank Thomas of the Clayton County Police Department in a statement. 

According to TMZ, the boys in blue are interested in talking to all of Michael’s friends, including Future, to see if they have info that could narrow the search for the gunman.

 cops wants future's help finding bodyguard's murder 

The victim leaves behind his pregnant wife who was inside the home at the time of the shooting but did NOT witness her husband’s murder. 

In reaction to his homie’s passing, Future tweeted, “Rest in Paradise Big Mike. Lafamilia forever lil bro.”

 cops wants future's help finding bodyguard's murder 

So far, the rap god has NOT commented on when/if he’ll be working in cooperation with the police surrounding Michael’s death.  



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