Cordell Broadus spills on being Snoop Dogg’s son, his decision to abstain from sex, and more


To most Hip-Hop heads Snoop Dogg is one of the thoroughest emcees to ever bless the microphone, but to his son, Cordell Broadus, the West Coast god is more than that… he’s an inspiration.

While choppin it up with on the red carpet of the 2016 BET Hip-Hop Awards, the super fine 19-year-old Wilhelmina model spilled on the impact his father’s wondrous career has had on his own life…

“It makes me want to match his level of intensity,” Cordell said when asked how Snoop’s being honored with this year’s BET “I Am Hip Hop” award made him feel. “It makes me believe that you can do anything you put your mind to because he started off from the slums and now he’s on top of everything he does.”
Though the former UCLA football player and his “Gin and Juice” spitting papa have always enjoyed a tight father and son friendship, Cordell revealed that he didn’t realize his daddy’s high-profile status until he was a pre-teen..

“I didn’t know how famous my dad was until the eighth grade. He liked to keep his business and family totally separated…[But] he let us go on tour with him in the eighth grade and I remember in the crowd I seen elder people, white people, black, Hispanic, every race and they all knew the words to his lyrics. So, it was mind blowing to me,” he recalled.


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“And to see him come back and call me son and I get to sit down and talk to him whenever I want to and I get to go to events like [the BET Hip Hop Awards], all of it is phenomenal.”
Snoop’s proud baby boy then added, “I’m just blessed to have a dad who’s one of the most known legends and entertainers in the business.”
In the second half of his chat with Cheekywiki, Cordell gave drop on his own modeling and acting endeavors, spilled on why you’ll probably NEVER see him starring in a leaked sex tape on social media and so much more…

The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards hosted by DJ Khaled airs tonight (October 4) at 8:00PM on BET.
By : Asia Grace

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