Could Chinx Drugz’s DEATH be linked to the MURDER of Stack Bundles? 



Brother of Queens rhymer Stack Bundles believes that Chinx Drugz’s Sunday morning MURDER may be linked to Stack’s 2007 assassination.

In the wake of the “I’m a Coke Boy,” rapper’s recent death, Bundles’ older brother, Robert Ulmer, says he wouldn’t be surprised if cops find a connection between the two hip-hop homicides.

While choppin it up with the Daily News, Robert SPILLED, “I really think [the murders] could be related. They were tight. They were a crew.”

Stack Bundles and Chinx grew up in the same neighborhood and were both well known in the Redfern Houses in Far Rockaway.

While Chinx served time in jail for robbery, Bundles was SHOT IN THE HEAD outside of his home within the housing development.

Because the police NEVER caught his murders, Robert thinks the same assailants may have KILLED Chinx excepting to escape justice for the second time.

“I just think if a person commits a crime as harsh as killing, and they think they got away with it, they will surface and do it again,” he said.
Stack Bundles’ sister, Geannie Ulmer, echoed Roberts theory about Chinx murder with, “(He) is laying in the same place my brother did. For what? For rapping? For what he believed in?” she SERVED. “You got to look at that. Somebody’s out there aiming for us.”
The similarities between the death of both Queens rappers is extremely suspect. If their murders are related we hope cops bring their killer(s) to justice as soon as possible.

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