CRZY Baby: Kehlani cancels her Sweet Sexy Savage show over “crazy” feeling [VIDEO]


“I feel crazy,” R&B singer Kehlani tearfully confessed to a concert-venue full of her adoring fans before pulling the plug on her scheduled performance, last night. 
On Monday, the embattled 22-year-old “Distraction,” songstress admittedly struggled to take the stage in Grand Rapids, MI for her Sweet Sexy Savage tour only to tell her music lovers that she felt she needed to be hospitalized due to an unspecified discomfort. 
“I can’t sit up here and give you guys a show that is not my full. If that means out of my pocket that I have to refund or I have to reschedule, then that’s what I have to do,” a shaky-voiced Kehlani lamented as tears began rolling down her cheeks. “Because I truly feel like I might have to go to the hospital at this point because I feel crazy. And I’m so sorry.” 


Kehlani cancels concert

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After promising to make the canceled showcase up to her Great Lake State audience, the crying “CRZY,” crooner added, “I need to go do something about this, cause I feel crazy.”




Though the West Coast representative failed to elaborate on her ailments, its being presumed that her tour stop cancellation has something to do with her ongoing mental health issues… 
Back in March 2016, Kehlani was placed on a psychiatric hold after a suicide attempt following a messy mix up between herself, ex-boyfriend/ NBA god Kyrie Irving, and her presumed side-piece PartyNextDoor. 

So far, neither Kehlani nor any members of her camp have given an update on her condition …



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