Cut That Check: Mel B’s ex-hubby seeking spousal support, property, and joint custody in divorce 


Though Mel B claims her estranged husband got all the unprotected nanny sex, Playboy Mansion threesomes, and the ability to throw as many verbal/physical/emotional jabs he wanted throughout their ten-year marriage, the Spice Girl singer’s soon-to-be ex is still gunning to get his hands on everything he can in their impending divorce.


With messy abuse and infidelity accusations flying like fighter jets across the gray skies that are looming over the 41-year-old British bombshell’s deteriorating holy matrimony, her ex, Stephen Belafonte, is said to be seeking spousal support, rights to community property, and joint custody of the one child he and Mel share…


According to his response to her divorce petition, obtained by TMZ, Stephen completely ignores his “Wanna Be” crooning wifey’s request that he be denied spousal coin and asks the judge to consider giving him a cut of Mel’s fortune… though it’s premature to set a figure.

Homie also wants the America’s Got Talent judge to pay his lawyer’s fees.


Mel B divorce
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When it comes to divvying up their property, the severed sweethearts are reportedly unable to see eye to eye on their separation date..Stephen says it was March 1, 2017 while Mel says it was December 28, 2016– apparently, the exact date matters big time.
Both parties are said to be acknowledging that there is community property on the line, which suggests there was not a prenup.
And last but not least, Stephen wants partial custody of their five-year-old daughter, Madison Brown Belafonte– who Mel initially filed for joint custody over… then later requested sole legal and physcial custody after securing a restraining order against Stephen.



No telling how this disastrous divorce nonsense will end… But here’s hoping the courts do the right thing when it comes to the baby and the bags..
By : Asia Grace

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