Dame Dash suggests that Jay-z is a SNITCH [VIDEO]


Dame Dash went into full Chatty Patty mode when he basically called former friend and business partner, Jay-Z, a snitch during his interview with Larry King.
While choppin it up with the legendary television host, Dame gave DROP on why he and his Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder DEADED their friendship.
The 44-year-old music mogul straight up said HOV associates with people that are “against [his] honor code,” and hinted that the “99 Problems” rapper was involved in the SNITCHING that put him and his homies in HOT water.

“I kind of have to keep a distance,” Dame SPILLED.

“Because of the way the IRS is on me, and because my friend Biggs is in jail, and because of the way my friend Irv Gotti got harassed and got accused of money laundering when I know he didn’t and because we were guys that were in the streets at one time, guys like me we stay away from that,” he continued. 

This is HARDLY the first time Dash has COME FOR Jigga’s alleged inability to live by the street code…
As reported on Cheekywiki, Dame also suggested Jay-Z was FUNNY MONEY during his interview with Sway on radio show Sway in the Morning.
While talking with Larry King, Dash also SPILLED on his issues with his baby mamas, the warrant he has out for his arrest, and his feelings about lawyers.

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