Dass It??: Joseline Hernandez quits Love And Hip Hop: “F*** Mona” 


The Love And Hip-Hop franchise will have to search high and low for another itself “Puerto Rican Princess” as the series’ self-proclaimed “baddest b***h” has officially tendered her resignation from the show.
On Wednesday evening, fake boobs and real attitudes met on several plush couches as the entire cast of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta gathered to film the sixth season’s reunion episode.
After causing a major coo by supposedly dropping a shocking bombshell concerning her longstanding beef with a fellow cast mate, Joseline took to Instagram Live with jabs and drags aimed at LHHATL mastermind, Mona Scott Young.

Josephine Hernandez love and hip hop
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“I’ma come back in about five minutes I need y’all to have your phones ready to record what I’m about to tell you about this b*** Mona and how she mother f**in treating her cast members, and all the sh-t she done to us throughout the mother f**** years,” Stevie J’s 30-year-old rapping baby mama spewed.
“Ima let everybody know. Hashtag Oprah, and I want to go sit down with Oprah. Can y’all hashtag that,” she added in the hopes to garner enough social media attraction to get Oprah Winfrey’s attention for a tell-all interview.
After a day full of sending subtle shot at the mega-producer’s hand that feeds her– including a message reading “#Mona give me my bag or else”–Joseline finally revealed to her 1.3 million followers that she’s officially quitting Love and Hip Hop..


So far, Mona has NOT clapped back at the “Stingy With My Kutty Katt” rhymer’s slings.
By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki                  


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