Deion Sanders UNDERWATER

Don’t you just hate when your pool boy f**ks up and your indoor pool floods your penthouse apartment. ANNOYING!

Well no one is more annoyed right now than FOOTBALL FAVA Deion Sanders. 

HE is completely underwater after his indoor pool took a page right out of NOAH’S ARK and flooded his entire Dallas penthouse apartment. 

He swam over to his house phone, made some angry calls, and now he wants millions from the company he blames for drenching him.

The NFL Hall of Famer had been trying to sell his $6.5 million Dallas crib in the POPPIN Azure tower — where Terrell Owens and Jason Kidd have also lived — when he hired WWPS, Inc. to work on the pool back in 2012. 

According to the documents, a few days after the work was done, Deion’s realtor stopped by and found the place flooded. 

Deion still hasn’t sold the place — even though he dropped the asking price to $4.8 mil. He wants at least a million from the the pool co. for his troubles.

This in-house hurricane could not have hit at a worse time. Dei Dei is going through a nasty divorce and needs all the COIN he can get.

Uhhh, it’s so hard to find good help these days.

Hair flip. 

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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