“Delivert” star, Andrew Caldwell, denies being served with Kordell Stewart’s lawsuit 


It looks like the legal documents containing information about Kordell Stewart’s case against Andrew Caldwell for alleging their bodies were once romantically linked, were UN-DELIVERT as the viral social media star claims he was NEVER formally served with the lawsuit.


As previously reported on Cheekywiki, at the top of this month, the judge presiding over Porsha Williams’ 44-year-old ex-boo thang’s suit granted him a default judgement which, according to Bossip, stated that Andrew was properly served with the legal papers and arbitrarily chose to fade his mandatory court sessions.

Therefore, the “Delivert” baddie was ordered to cough up coin for damages he supposedly caused Kordell’s career and public image when he fabricating tales of their one-night-stand love affair– which Andrew originally alleged earned him several lavish luxuries including gifts, bags, and cars.

Kordell Stewart
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In reaction to tea he’d be coming out of pocket to the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback due to his inactivity with the lawsuit, Andrew took to Facebook Live with a 20 minute rant denying claims he duly notified of his and Kordell’s legal proceedings.

“I was never served,” the Instagram and Vine megastar stated in his video posted over the weekend.  “I was never served with a lawsuit by Kordell Stewart. Kordell is trying to make up his 15 minutes of fame. Boy you old news! That’s old.  Let me make myself clear… you think you gonna get a dime from me? You betta have some strong powerful lawyers! All I have to say is I was never served… and I refuse to talk on that matter.”

So far, Kordell has not taken to any of his social media platforms to comment on Andrew’s claims… But the messiness inside us is DYING to hear what he has to say about all this!

By : Asia Grace

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