Derek Fisher charged w/ 2 counts of DUI for smashing Matt Barnes’ whip in highway crash



The NBA’s residential Becky With The Good Hair, Derek Fisher, is now tangled up in some serious legal mess stemming from his recent car crash on Los Angeles’ 101 Freeway..


Damn near a month after Gloria Govan’s basketball balling boo smashed her equally athletic ex-husband’s luxury vehicle into a highway guard rail following a drunken turn-up in West Hollywood, the 42-year-old former head coach for the New York Knicks is facing two counts of DUI, according to TMZ Sports.


Derek fisher charged with DUI
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As previously reported on Cheekywiki, at approximately 3:00 AM on June 4, while driving himself and Gloria home, Derek intoxicatingly flipped a 2015 Cadillac Escalade–registered to his girlfriend’s Golden State Warriors hopping ex, Matt Barnes…
Though no one was injured as a result of the accadient, the former L.A. Lakers shooting guard was immediately arrested for DUI.




If convicted on both counts of the crime, Derek is looking down the barrel of serving up to 6 months in jail — but since it’s his first offense, it’s assumed that he’ll merely be hit with some probation, fines and orders to complete an alcohol education class.
So far, neither the boozy ball player nor his ex-Basketball Wives starring bae have openly commented on his being charged with two counts of DUI..
By : Asia Grace

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