Derrick Rose claps back at gang-rape accuser with text messages that prove she is lying 

Derrick Rose is heavy-handedly clapping back at the woman who filed a $21 MILLION civil lawsuit against him with claims he and his two homeboys drugged and gang raped her inside her southern California apartment back in 2013.

On Monday, the 27-year-old New York Knicks player filed new court documents in which he BLASTED his alleged sexual assault victim–who’s requested to be referred to as “Jane Doe” to remain anonymous to the public –maintaining that their sex was consensual and claiming to have HER text messages to prove his innocence..
According to D.Rose’s newly filed legal papers, obtained by the New York Daily News, the ex-Chicago Bulls point guard said, “This is not a rape case. It’s pure and simple extortion by a plaintiff who wants to hide behind the cloak of anonymity while seeking millions in damages from a celebrity with whom she was in a long-term nonexclusive consensual sexual relationship.”
The filings go on to say, “Plaintiff is a 30-year old adult who was in a consensual relationship with Mr. Rose; she was the sexual aggressor that night; she brought another woman with her, she claimed she bought (and did bring) the sex toys, she drank before arriving, and asked Mr. Rose for drugs (which he declined) and alcohol.”

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As for proof that he’s no coochie crook, Derrick is pointing to ol’ girls texts in which she allegedly invited the NBA baller to come to her crib and slam dunk his junk (as well as some sex toys) inside her lady hoop.


“Plaintiff’s own text messages — wrongfully withheld until the day after her deposition — contradict the allegations in the Complaint. The texts show Plaintiff being adventurous, claiming to buy and bringing a sex belt to have fun with Mr. Rose, and then asking Mr. Rose to drive over to her house at 1 a.m. for more consensual sexual interaction. Plaintiff also withheld texts showing that when she woke up the next morning, she asked Mr. Rose for reimbursement for her cab fare and the sex toys she claimed to purchase, and mentioned only that she had a hangover and had to get to work,” the docs say.
In addition to all’at, the 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player Award recipient feels his “Jane Doe” accuser should NOT be able to keep her identity a secret once their case goes to trial, later this year.
“The Court must ensure that Mr. Rose, who has not been charged or convicted of a crime, is not unfairly prejudiced at trial,” adds the basketball god’s papers. “Rather than allow a calculating 30-year old adult to misuse the “Jane Doe” statute for her own financial gain by trying to threaten Mr. Rose with irreparable reputational damage as the basis for an extortionate settlement payment, the only fair way for this case to be tried to a jury is for Plaintiff to recognize that she cannot continue to hide behind the pseudonym when her credibility is a key issue and the evidence shows a clear consensual sexual encounter.”
Derrick Rose’s case is set to go to trial on October 4– the same day that NBA preseason begins..
No telling how this whole mess will turn out..

But here’s hoping the truth comes to light ASAP..
By : Asia Grace

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