Diddy talks feeling responsible for Biggie’s death; loves Cassie but NOt ready for marriage



Diddy will, “always feel some sort of responsibility,” for the tragic death of rap’s most Notorious One, Biggie Smalls…

On Thursday, the 47-year-old music mogul, ranked as Forbes’ most wealthy Hip-Hop artist, revealed to Wendy Williams that he wishes he would have followed his instincts about urging the late “One More Chance” lyricist to take a scheduled international trip rather than allowing the 24-year-old to turn-up in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997–the night he was fatally shot four times during a drive-by shooting after attending a Vibe Magazine party. 
“[Biggie] was my artist. He was supposed to go to London that night,” a Givenchy-suited Diddy spilled to the 52-year-old daytime talk-show host. “I let him talk me into, you know, not going to London and staying in L.A. and that’s something that really bothered me throughout my life.”
The artist formerly known as Puff Daddy–who recently debuted his historied record label’s biographical documentary, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story— added, “Sometimes you have to really go with that decision in your gut. And in my gut I was like, ‘you need to get on the plane,’ but sometimes when you don’t listen to your gut… This is God’s world, it’s His plan. But, you know, honestly, that’s one of the things I regret, not making sure that [Biggie] went to London.”


Diddy responsible for biggie's death
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Elsewhere, the Harlem bred “Missing You” rhymer gushed over his time-tested relationship with pop singer/model, Cassie Ventura, and admitted that although he’s “in love”–just as he was when he met the three well-kept mothers of his six children all in the same year–he’s still not ready to get married.                   


“It’s not about being a playboy,” Diddy replied when asked if he’d ever be ready to tie the knot. “I think marriage is so serious. You’re making a commitment to somebody, under God, and unless you’re ready to do everything that’s said, then you shouldn’t get married.”

He continued, “Ima be honest, a lot of my spirit had got lost through a lot of the things that I went through, even with the Biggie situation. I really just started understanding how to really love myself and focus on what’s important[…] So, I have to get myself all the way together before I’m really ready for that, because that to me is very serious. And one day, I hope to find that.”
While chopping it up on the Wendy Williams Show, Diddy also revealed why Bad Boy artists Loon, G. Dep, and Craig Mack weren’t featured on the label’s 2016 reunion tour, spilled on his latest health regimen, and so much more…
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