DMX loses over $60K in royalties for back child support


Rapper DMX won’t be seeing a dime for his rhymes as a judge ruled his record label hand over his earnings to his ex.

The “Ruff Ryderz anthem,” emcee’s label has recently been ordered to drop his royalty monies in his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons’ purse in order to begin paying her SOME of the over $140,000 he owes in back child support.

After digging up old legal bones in the “Get at me Dog,” spitters closet, a judge ruled that label Universal Music forward a large portion of his royalties to his ex-wife/baby mama by the end of this week.

Legal documents show that Tash-Tash is to be paid $15,000 a month after her divorce from the “X” man (real name Earl Simmons) and $140,000 in past due support for their FIVE kids. However, the judge is only making the record label COUGH UP a portion of what she’s owed…for now.



According to TheJasmineBrand, “the order explains that per accounting records provided by Universal Music, DMX is still receiving income from his music[…]the judge instructed Universal Music to pay Tashera a total of $61,336 from the money the rapper has made from his royalties.”


Tashera better get a bigger wallet, because she’ll probably be getting more DMX dollars before the end of the year….

His label was also ordered to reappear in court some time in October with documents detailing any future COIN the “Where the Hood At,” rhymer may earn from his music…

At that time, the judge will determine how much more X will be paying Tashera and other people the 44-year-old owes.




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