Drake Entourage causes trouble in St. Martin


We can almost hear Drake saying “OH LAWD,” after his main man P. Reign got them into some BIG trouble on Monday.
The two rap daddies were maxing in St. Martin, dodging Hurricane Gonzalo, chilling with Drake’s rumored new bae, Lira Galore, and shooting a music video for P. Reign’s new track, “DnF,” when all HELL BROKE LOOSE.
Like any DAY 1 friend, Drake threw a single release party for P. Reign at  Tantra nightclub, and OF COURSE P. Reign trotted some THOTs into their VIP section.
“Some of those girls were not single, and their boyfriends and some husbands got pretty upset,” sources SPILL.
P. Reign allegedly took one of the women back to Drake’s $20k-a-night villa.
The TEA?
“The woman’s boyfriend found out and got so jealous he trashed his own hotel room at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, across the street from Tantra. He caused up to $5,000 worth of damage and was ultimately arrested.”
It’s also been reported that shorty’s man was SO TIGHT that he damaged the ENTIRE fifth floor of the hotel, where onlookers said there was smoke.
It’s safe to say Drake had to FOOT the bill for the damages.
DAMN Drizzy, you had to drop upwards of $5k for the mess your homie caused and you weren’t even trying to SMASH shorty.
It’s DEF time to re-think your, “No New friends,” policy.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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