Drake IMPREGNATES and puts a HIT OUT on Jhonni Blaze?

“He put a price on my head,” claims Drake’s NO LONGER friend with benefits, Jhonni Blaze.
The female rapper claims that she and Drake had a FLING that apparently went SOUTH when she “caught him in a lie.”
AS featured on CHEEKYWIKI, Jhonni Blaze was one of the two women TOSSING HELLA SHADE at Drizzy’s new BAE, Lira Galore.


NOW, Drake’s former penis warmer, Jhonni, suggests she might be PREGNANT with his child AND IN THE SAME BREATH claims he may have made a THREAT ON HER LIFE.

(photo via theshaderoom)

When asked on IG if she was carrying  “champagnepapi’s” baby, she replied with a DRY, “Maybe.”
SIDE BAR: She was recently EXPOSED for lying about being pregnant with rapper Kevin Gate’s baby.


Jhonni goes on to SPILL that Drake believes she “exposed” him (for what? We don’t know) and because of that he sent a HITMAN to her HOME and her JOB.


This week Drake has much to celebrate as it was announced he surpassed the Beatles on the Billboard Hot 100 entries list; THUS, we don’t think he’s worried about NO ASS BODY named, Jhonni Blaze.
If getting FAKE PREGNANT is her way of reaching a certain level of fame…

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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