Dreams Come True??: Meek Mill jail sentence could be overturned due to police corruption

Crooked cops may be the key to Meek Mill’s release from prison.

A freshly exhumed list of suspected shady police in Philadelphia—complied in 2017 by the city’s District Attorneys office in effort to finger officers with a “history of lying, racial bias, or brutality, in a move to block them from testifying in court”—reportedly bares the name of officer Reginald Graham, who arrested the incarcerated “I’m A Boss” rapper on drugs and weapons charges back in 2007.

Meek’s decade-old detainment resulted in his being put on an extensive probation for which he was recently found guilty of violating, and sentenced to two-to-four years in a Pennsylvania prison.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, attorneys for the “Dreams AndNightmares” rhymer were neither informed of the D.A.’s list nor of officer Graham’s suspected infractions.

Meek Mill

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“Appellate lawyers for Mill were never told of the list or that Graham was on it,” states the publication. “The existence of the list also was kept from attorneys for hundreds of past defendants arrested by the officers the District Attorney’s Office had identified as tainted.”

Meek’s lawyers are prepared to pursue all legal remedies, according to Complex.

“Across the justice system, there are many instances of people that are incarcerated being subsequently let out when police corruption is uncovered,” a rep for the Wins And Losses spitter said.

“This would certainly be one of those instances. I mean, there were 800 cases that were dismissed or overturned upon discovery of this group of officers who had been committing crimes, lying about circumstances of arrests, and falsifying documents,” he continued. “One of the officers is the same one who not only arrested Meek, but made allegations that Meek has always denied. This is the only one that testified against Meek.”

In addition to Graham being named on the D.A.’s naughty list, another officer claims to have engaged in illegal activity with him.

“I would steal with Reggie Graham,” said former narcotics officer Jeffrey Walker, who was convicted of police corruption and spent two years in prison. “There was stealing in that whole squad, but these are the people I was basically breaking bread with.”

So far, Meek’s sentence has yet to be overturned.


By: Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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