Ed Hartwell CLAPS BACK at Keshia Knight Pulliam’s cheating claims; explains filing for divorce


Though Ed Hartwell’s name is being dragged through the muddiest mud following his impromptu divorce filings against his knocked wife, Keshia Knight Pulliam, the former NFL star claims he’s NOT to blame for the abrupt end of their 7 month marriage.

Just one day after his 37-year-old belly full of baby toting estranged spouse tearfully addressed the cheating rumors surrounding their impending separation to Entertainment Tonight, Ed revealed some of his truths about his and Keshia’s failed union to PageSix.

“She wanted a baby really fast,” the 38-year-old athlete said of his soon-to-be ex BAE, “When you first get married, especially since we didn’t have a long courtship, that we should actually focus on each other and not just have a baby.”
Though Keshia maintains she was “blindsided” by her hubby’s sneaky moves to DEAD their holy matrimony, Ed–who married the “Cosby Show,” starlet on January 2, 2016 after four months of dating– claims he has a “sit-down” with his wife to address his concernes about their marriage in February.
“I said, ‘I think we probably messed up. I think we moved too fast,'” he revealed. “‘Our lives and wants are headed two different directions.'”

When it comes to the alleged infidelities that tarnished the Black Hollywood honey’s brief yet shining love, Keshia says the ex-Atlanta Falcons linebacker “absolutely” laid his eggplant to other people behind her back..
“I was ready to leave. It’s not OK,” she stated. “I had divorce papers ready. I presented it to him. … Once I was pregnant I did decide to give him that one last chance.”


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In response to the Emmy award winner’s creeping accusations, Ed said, “One thing I have found out about her — and it’s not to bash her — is that she can tell a half-truth to make sure that she seems like, I don’t want to say the victim … But that she’s the one that’s right.”
As for Kesh-Kesh’s alleged extra-marital humping around, which presumably prompted the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star to request a DNA test on her baby, he served, “I can’t say she’s been unfaithful,” adding, “I can say she’s stayed out, she’s not came home, she’s went out-of-town … for three days, I don’t know what’s going on.”
He continued, “I can’t say she was unfaithful. I can say she wanted to get in vitro,” the football player also claimed. “I can say she wanted to do some things to make sure she got pregnant…I just want to make sure it is mine.”
Ed’s concerns about Keshia’s unborn baby girl stem from the fact that they stopped having sex, if you let him tell it.
“What I learned about her is that if she wants something, she wants it now and she’s going to go get it,” he said.

“This is his baby,” Keshia adamantly stated since tea of their divorce broke earlier this week. “He wanted more children. He was excited once he found out that we were having a little girl. There was never a question about that. … No point after we got pregnant was there an issue of the fact that we’re having a baby.”
As for how the actress plans to move past this baby daddy drama she says, “I’ve learned a very big lesson, and I’ll take that with me. Forgiveness isn’t for them — it’s for you. Hatred or ill will, you know, it only harms you. So, I absolutely wish him the best. I absolutely hope that he finds whatever it is he’s looking for and needs to be happy, because the happier he is and the more fulfilled he is, the better dad he can be to our girl.”
By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_      

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