Ed Hartwell denies claims he failed to make support payments to Keshia Knight Pulliam


The bun in the oven beef between Keshia  Knight Pulliam and her estranged hubby, Ed Hartwell, is getting hotter and hotter as the former NFL baller is clapping back at his exes claims he should be tossed in jail for NOT paying her the money he owes.

Back in October, the super pregnant 36-year-old actress allegedly requested a judge find Ed in contempt of court for failing to make mandatory support payments and for not giving up DNA towards a paternity test proving whether or not he’s the father of her unborn baby by a certain date.


According to new court documents obtained by TMZ, the 38-year-old linebacker says he’s paid Keshia everything he owed… And adds that the “deadline,” he was supposedly instructed to meet was merely something she made up…
Ed hartwell

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Ed reportedly goes on to alleged that his Cosby Show starring ex-wifey is an “attention whore” who makes accusations against him in court to keep her name buzzing in the media.

So far, Keshia hasn’t said anything about her former boo coming for her neck…
By : Asia Grace

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