Emotion-HOV: Jay-Z’s mom reveals he cried when she came out to him


While most mom’s are good for telling embarrassing stories from their child’s past, Jay-Z’s mommy has shared a touching anecdote of the “Song Cry” spitter’s emotional reaction to her coming out as a lesbian.

In the aftermath of being lovingly outed by her 47-year-old platinum selling son via track “Smile” on 4:44, Gloria Carter spilled guts on HOV’s tearful response to her previously closeted sexuality.

“Me and my son, we share a lot of information,” mama Carter revealed during her interview on podcast, D’USSE Friday, hosted by with Brian Axelrod, Jay’s nephew Rel Carter, and Roc Nation’s Nashawn Carter.

“So I was sitting there and I was telling him one day. I just finally started telling him who I was. Besides your mother, this is the person that I am, you know? This is the life that I lived. So my son started actually, like, tearing because he was like, ‘That had to be a horrible life, ma.’ I was like, ‘My life was never horrible. It was just different.’ So that made him want to do a song about it,” she continued.

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Elsewhere, Gloria explained her initial reservations over green-lighting her billion-dollar baby’s song about her same-sex orientation, but said she ultimately decided to give him her blessing, as well as a dosage of her creativity, for the track while taking a flight to visit him.

“We talked about it and we talked about it,” the mother of four serves. “Then I was going out to see him, and I was on the plane, and I was like, ok, I’m going to help him. If we’re going to do it. I wrote [the poem] while I was on the plane going to L.A. When I got there, I was like, ‘Yo, I’m going to help you along.’ So I gave him this. So I said ‘Look at this’ and he was like, ‘Wow, you wrote this on the plane?’”

Gloria later revealed HOV’s song has relived her of concerns of judgement and social isolation.

“I don’t have to worry about anyone wondering whether I’m in the life or not,” she said. “I’m gonna tell them. So now that I’ve told you, what do you have to talk about? So now, maybe you can focus on the phenomenal things that I do. So focus on that.”


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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