Federal inmate claims to be Prince’s son 


In the wake of Prince’s untimely passing, an incarcerated Missouri man has filed a paternity claim in which he insists that he is the “sole surviving legal heir,” of the late Purple One. 



Just weeks after the legendary rock star’s lifeless body was found in his Paisley Park, MN estate, a 39-year-old guy name Carlin Q. Williams is petitioning the courts for a DNA test to prove that he is Prince’s only living son. 


 Carlin–who’s currently locked up in a Colorado federal prison for weapons transport–claims that his mother, Marsha Henson, got busy with the “Kiss” crooner back in July 1976 and gave birth to him one year later, according to ABC News. 

Federal inmate claims to be Prince's son

Carlin Q Williams (L) Prince Rodgers Nelson (R)

A then less popular Prince would have been 18-years-old at the time.

Though the hopeful heir hasn’t produced any documentation proving his relation to the masterful musician via social media, his Facebook bio reads “son of (Prince) Rodgers Nelson ‘aka’ purple rain man.”
Homies’ filing comes shortly after a Minnesota judge ok’ed Prince’s blood for DNA testing. 

At this point, overseers of the superstar’s estimated $300 MILLION estate have NOT yet publicly commented on Carlin’s case. 

No word on if the courts are going to let homeboy’s filing rock or toss em out…we just hope this case doesn’t put a battery in every nutjob’s back to claim that Prince is too their daddy…


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