Feel Better, Boo: Wendy Williams faint on live TV; “overheated” by Halloween costume

UPDATE: The Wendy Williams show released this message following her on-air pass out. 

Super statuesque talk show slayer, Wendy Williams, took a scary spill during her live broadcast, today. 

Clad in Statue of Liberty garb in celebration of Halloween, the 53-year-old media mogul spooked audiences when she suddenly began stuttering her words before ultimately passing out while cameras were rolling. 

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After immediately cutting to commercial in light of Wendy’s fainting spell, the show explained that it’s ever-irreverent host became “overheated” by her costume. 

The fire department, according to TMZ, swiftly responded to the studio. 

It’s unclear what her condition is, but she was alright enough to finish the show.


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