Fetty Wap accused of BEATING a Shop Rite employee [VIDEO]

Fetty Wap COULD be in trouble with the law after he and his homies were accused of JUMPING a store clerk in Paramus, New Jersey.

The Jersey bred “Come My Way,” rhymer was allegedly involved in beating the BREAKS off a Shop Rite employee after one of his female friends got into an altercation with the clerk.
Apparently, the Shop Rite worker claims a female customer SMACKED right before her male friends jumped in and started WHOOPING HIS A** in the middle of the store, on Friday night.

According to TMZ, the clerk told cops he thought one of the male attackers was Fetty Wap, but admits he’s not positive it was the rapper because of all the commotion.

The kid suffered minor injuries and doesn’t want to press charges…

Fetty has NOT been ID’ed or arrested …YET!


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