Fetty Wap comes to court with over $165K in cash to  pay a $360 fine [VIDEO] 


Having to shell out a couple of hundred dollars in legal fines is apparently child play to your guy, Fetty Wap, who casually carried $165k in cold hard cash to court to atone for a few of his many driving offenses…
Evidently, New Jersey’s very own “Trap Queen” crooner learned absolutely NOTHING about the importance of modesty from Kim Kardashian’s recent run-in with danger after she shamelessly flexed her lavish luxuries as the rapper proudly flashed several thick STACKS of dough at the paparazzi immediately following a hearing at Cedar Grove municipal court on Wednesday.

Dressed in all black with the green of his money as his outfit’s only accent color, Fetty–who was arrested on July 6 for driving on a suspended license– pled guilty to failure to replace lost, destroyed or defaced license plates, having tinted windows that were too dark, and driving with a suspended license, according to NJ.com.

He also pled guilty to a charge related to police responding to his home more than twice for false alarms.


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The judge reportedly ordered the “679” lyricist to pay $360 in fines…Which was obviously light work for the Hip-Hop heavy-hitter who later said he was carrying about $165,000 in cash with him while chopping it up with reporters outside the municipal building.
The one-eye rhyme slayer blamed his inexpensive issue with the law on his “DWB-AR, driving while black and rich,” before showing off his rolls of COIN as he made his way out of the courthouse.
When asked if anyone was riding in the car with him at the time of his arrest, Fetty said, “Yeah, money. Benjamin.”

By : Asia Grace

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