Finger Slip: Serena Williams accidentally posted pregnancy pic on Snap Chat

Sports G.O.A.T. Serena Williams may have mastered the most difficult tennis moves known to man (and/or woman), but it seems the bootylicious racket queen’s unskillful knowledge of SnapChat lead to her accidentally spilling the beans about her growing bun in the oven…

While chopping it up with Oprah Winfrey’s bestie, Gayle King, at a TED Talks conference in Vancouver on Tuesday, the 35-year-old engaged mommy-to-be revealed that she meant to privately send the picture of her protruding belly to someone… but somehow ended up prematurely sharing her good news with every-azz-body in the world.. 


Serena Williams pregnancy

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“On social media, you press the wrong button and thirty minutes later I missed four calls and I’m like, ‘That’s weird,'” Serena said of her unintentional pregnancy announcement post before admitting that she was gearing up to disclose her precious womb activities a few days later…
Serena’s spillage of her unplanned baby bulletin comes on the heels of her having to digitally gather up fellow tennis pro, Ilie Nastase, who made some SO NASTY SO RUDE racist comments about her unborn little one… 




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