Floyd Mayweather JUSTIFIES blasting Shantel Jackson’s Abortion Docs


“ABORTION SHASH-MORTION” says Floyd Mayweather after receiving FLACK for SERVING FULL TEA about his ex-girlfriend’s ABORTION on social media. 


Money Mayweather thinks he’s GOOD MONEY for going into detail about ex-BAE Shantel Jackson’s abortion because their relationship was for “public consumption.” Shantel, now rapper Nelly’s new WOADY, claims it was a complete VIOLATION OF HER PRIVACY. Floyd posted the abortion documents on his INSTAGRAM. 




Mayweather is NOT HERE to be sympathetic to his ex-ALMOST BABY MAMA either. He DEFENDS his actions by basically saying “BITCH THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR.”


The undefeated champ says he basically let Shan Shan ride his coat tails to fame per her request. “She asked me to help her become famous […] and stated that her only semblance of fame was appearing in 7 music videos.” 



He claims his celebrity as a boxer BEGOT her celebrity as a VIXEN, and the media wanted to known about their relationship, the good, the bad, and the abortion.

“A public figure involved with another public figure in a public relationship can expect publicity, not privacy, about why it ends,” SPILLED Mayweather. 


He felt justified in BLASTING her info on social media earlier this year because she had an abortion behind his back.

“Both parties are public figures. Abortion is a public issue,” Mayweather states in the docs. 


Shantel, who will be featured throughout Nelly’s new BET reality TV show, “Nellyville,” is looking to SUE her old boxing boo. 

Mayweather wants the suit thrown out of court with THE QUICKNESS. 

 A judge has yet to rule. 




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