Foxy Brown addresses Hip-Hop Honors snub; shades VH1


Foxy Brown wants the world to know that she is totally unbothered (but probably medium-key in her feelings) by VH1’s failure to crown her as one of their heralded rap queens at the 2016 Hip-Hop Honors awards.  

While lifelong loyal riders of rap music bobbed their heads and sang along to the classic smash hits of VH1 Hip-Hop honorees Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Salt-N-Pepa, and Queen Latifah on Monday, fans of Foxy Brown were PISSED that their fave was NOT included on the network’s roster of female rhyming royalty. 

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foxy Brown VH1 hip-hop honors

Many BIG MAD “Ill Nana,” fanatics took to social media to express their anger on the 37-year-old Brooklyn native’s behalf. 

In the same regard, Twitter twatters who LIVE for a Lauryn Hill joint were just as upset that the “Zion,” crooner was NOT featured in the ultra LIT Vh1 production. 


In response to the public outcry concerning her and L Boogie’s snub, Foxy jumped on Instagram to explain to her fans that the caliber of honor she aspires to is of an “upper echelon” and that VH1 ain’t cutting it…




THANK YOU Beloveds!❤️❤️ I Awoke This Morning, Literally Oblivious To Our Fans Across The World's TRENDING Outrage At (Reality Show Network) @VH1's Non-Inclusion Of LAURYN HILL & FOXY BROWN. Anyone Recognized, (Whether The Contribution Big Or Small) I Applaud.👏🏾 Personally, I'd Prefer Being Held To A Much Higher Standard In My Walk, But Fans Went Ballistic! Obviously, We Weren't Concerned, But Fans Everywhere Were! The PEOPLE Have Spoken. We've Been Blessed To Set The Bar At It's Highest Heights; Most Notably Receiving The 2016 Historic "KEY"🔑To My CITY of BROOKLYN🏦…..Therefore, Humbly Speaking The CALIBER Of HONOR I'd Aspire To Are Those "UPPER ECHELON". This Is VH1 Guys:)) Truthfully, The Only Accolade That Truly Matters To ME Is Of The MOST HIGH. Rest Assured, I'm In The Studio Perfecting This Incredible Return. Humbled And Blessed To Kill It Again! My Girl L BOOGIE (My Fav) And I, Have The Dopest Convos, Cracking Jokes In Our Caribbean Accents, (Genuinely Proud Of Each Other And Our Maturation), Lending Credence To Only Love & Light In Our Space. So Let's Not MISCONVEY The Message🎈The HUGE THANK YOU To The Fans I Adore Who GO HARD Even In Our Absence Love You! Actually Guys, Let's THANK @VH1👏🏾👏🏾 As We Are Definitely #TheDifference!!!! LOVE MY FOXNATION!💋 ❤️Fox! @donpoohmusic @rachelnoerd💋

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So far, VH1 has NOT clapped back at Foxy for her statements…


By : Asia Grace

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