Free At Last: Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction dismissed; Pats may have to pay


Late ex-football superstar, Aaron Hernandez, was totally on the money when he wrote “You’re Rich,” in a suicide addressed letter to his fiancé, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, as his murder conviction has just been dismissed… Leaving his former NFL team on the hook to pay out millions in the remainder of his contract…

Today, Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh, vacated the 27-year-old New England Patriots’ first-degree murder conviction for the 2013 shooting of Odin L. Lloyd because his trial was not reviewed by the Supreme Judicial Court before his apparent jailhouse suicide on April 19, according to the Boston Globe. 
Aaron Hernandez conviction dismissed
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Though prosecutors argued the fallen athlete strategically off’ed himself in order to wipe his criminal record clean and in turn leave his wifey-to-be, four-year-old daughter, and extended family the monies he was owed from his contract with the Patriots, the court reportedly believed Aaron’s suicide stemmed from “complex and myriad issues, including possible ‘mental disturbance’ as well as concerns about news reports that he was a gay that were broadcast a day before his death.”



On the grounds of upholding Massachusetts doctrine, abatement ab initio, the judge cleared Aaron’s conviction and ultimately put the squeeze on the Pats to fork over the estimated $6.5 million to his estate–of which Shayanna is presumably the beneficiary. 

Although Aaron’s mother and fiancé were said to be present in court when the judge made her ruling, neither of them nor anyone else connected to the pro-athlete’s camp have commented on his squeaky clean slate. 
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