French Montana boycotts Delta Airlines



It’s pretty safe to assume that the next Delta Airlines commercial you see won’t be featuring one of French Montana’s signature “HAAAAAAAAANNN” ad-libs as the Bronx reppin rhymer has vowed to boycott the company in light of the recent mistreatment of two Arabic passengers. 
On Wednesday, the whole world watched as famous YouTube joker, Adam Saleh, was kicked off of a Delta Airlines plane after he allegedly made other flyers feel  “uncomfortable” by chatting on the phone with his non-English speaking mother in their native tongue. 

And though Delta has since released a statement disputing claims that the social media prankster’s ethnicity played a role in his expulsion from the aircraft, it’s seems, for French, the damage has already been done…
French Montana

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 “I don’t like speaking on things like this but this struck a nerve. I have a mother that doesn’t speak English and discrimination like this makes me really sad,” the “LockJaw,” spitter captioned beneath footage of Adam being removed from the aircraft on Instagram. “The fact that this can happen to her makes me sick. I’m NOT using delta anymore smh #equality.”



Unfortunately for Adam– who’s referred to himself as a “professional idiot”– the validity of his unjust discrimination plight is being called into question due to his history of pulling outlandish stunts in the name of fame…

No telling what the end result of this messy mess will look like… But we just hope justice is properly served. 
By : Asia Grace     

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki           


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