French Montana denies Drake’s Joe Budden diss on “No Shopping”

Though Joe Budden is steady sending shots at Drake’s neck (and his allegedly liposuc’ed abdomen) rapper French Montana claims his Toronto reppin homie NEVER wanted any sauce with so nasty so rude the “Pump It Up,” rhymer.
For weeks now, the 35-year-old ex-Love And Hip-Hop New York star has set his lyrical cannons towards Champagne Papi following the presumed sub-shade the OVO leader sent him via his verse on Montana’s track, “No Shopping.”
“Pump, pump, pump it up/She got a good head on her, but I pump it up/ I’m not a one hit wonder, they know all my stuff/You let me turn into the n***a that you almost was,” Drizzy rhymed which caused Joey to go off on ol’ boy with diss records “Making A Murderer (part 1),” and “Afraid.”

French Montana drake Joe Budden


Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Despite the Slaughterhouse emcee’s rough responses to Drake’s “Pump it up,” reference, according to French, the self-proclaimed 6god had everything BUT Budden in mind when he laid down his lines on their collaborative song..


“I don’t think we did that record thinking about Joe Budden,” the MC4 lyricist spilled while choppin it up with MTV. “It’s not I don’t think,” he continued. “I know that for a fact.”
The “Pop That,” emcee went on caping for his Views spitting homie by saying that with all the tragedy plaguing the world, their main focus was to make music that will bring joy to people.
Although French denies gas that Drake had any ill-will in his heart towards Budden on “No Shopping,” that doesn’t mean that the offended New Jersey bred rhymer is going to back his beef down anytime soon…
By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_  

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