Future countersues Ciara’s $15 million lawsuit  


If you all thought Ciara was being unreasonably petty for skipping over Future’s name during the announcement of the 2016 Billlboard Music Award nominees you may have a change a heart at the news that her “Thought It Was A Drought” rapping baby daddy is COUNTERSUING her in light of her $15 million lawsuit against him..



As previously reported on Cheekywiki, the 30-year-old “iBet” songstress filed legal docs against Future back in January for making false defamatory statements about character and her ability to efficiently parent their one-year-old son, baby Future. 


This week, the 32-year-old Atlanta reppin rhymer took his talents to court where he filed a lawsuit against his “Body Party” poppin ex claiming he couldn’t have tarnished her reputation because her career is already in the toilet..


According to the docs obtained by TheJasmineBrand, Future says Ciara’s most recent work is a “flop,” and claims her fanbase isn’t “huge” enough for him to have caused any really damage to her professional perception.

 He also pointed out that baby girl hasn’t won a single award over the last three years. 


In addition to all’at the EVOL spitter dragged his ex-fiancé for insinuating that he used her fame to gain higher levels of success in the Hip-Hop realm. 

As for the so nasty so rude tweets in which he called CiCi a “b*tch” and accused her of gunning for $20k in child support, the blonde dread-headed lyricist says none of his social media posts were false or defamatory and there was no malice involved but rather the reaction of a father who wanted to see his son more frequently and on a more reasonable basis — all of which is protected by freedom of speech.


Furthering his fury, Fu states that if the future Mrs. Russell Wilson were as good of a mother as she purports to be, she wouldn’t be pushing to garner attention by parading their toddler son in front of cameras all the time..


The “Where Ya At,” rapper wants for his former “1,2, Step” singing sweetheart to stop bad mouthing him and for her to cover the legal fees he’s incurred fighting her lawsuit. 

So far, Ciara has publicly NOT responded to Future’s countersuit. 


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