Blac Chyna suing Kardashian family over failed reality show & Rob’s alleged abuse



Blac Chyna is shaking down the Kardashian coffers for alllllllllll the coins she allegedly lost out on due to the klan’s influence over her reality television series with ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian—who she also claims severely brutalized her before threatening to commit suicide.


Though a proverbial bandage seems have been placed over the lingering baby mama/baby daddy battle scars sustained during her relationship and break-up with Tyga, it appears the war wounds earned during the 29-year-old mother of two’s beef with Dream Kardashian’s father have lead her to take legal action against him and his entire family.


Per official documents, obtained by TMZ, Chyna is suing Rob’s mom, Kris Jenner, along with his sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and pregnant Kylie for their presumed involvement in DEADING the Rob And Chyna E! Network show, and ultimately screwing her out of the money she stood to make from multiple seasons of the program.
Blac Chyna sues kardashians
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While the twerk-happy eyelash salon owner claims her and Rob’s plans to begin filming season 2 of their series were arbitrarily ousted by the Kardashians’ “power and influence over the E! network,” production sources reportedly say the ill-fated lovers split at the beginning of the show’s first season, so a second was doubtful from the beginning.
In addition to its lackluster ratings, insiders behind Rob And Chyna claim they have documentation proving BC’s unwillingness to be in the same room as her 30-year-old then-fiancé was the reason the show wasn’t picked up for a follow-up season.


Armed with text message proof, Chyna is also suing the family for battery, on the grounds she alleges Rob hit her during a domestic violence incident in April.
In the lawsuit, she maintains her ex-boo grabbed her phone and knocked her to the ground.
When she called her son’s nanny for help, Chyna says Rob went ape-sh** and tore her bedroom door off at the hinges.
The former crowd pleaser also alleges Rob repeatedly threatened to take his own life, and includes text messages from the K king in her legal paperwork that read, “I’m literally on the verge of killing myself and u couldn’t care less.”
Sis also added a photo of what’s believed to be Rob’s hand filled with pills that he threatened to take if she didn’t respond to his text messages.
So far, the Kardashians haven’t publicly responded to Blac Chyna’s legal proceedings.
By : Asia Grace

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