Gimme The Loot: Apollo Nida wants Phaedra Parks’ pre-“RHOA” prenup trashed


This just in: Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s “Fake News” Phaedra Parks may soon have to cut her incarcerated husband a bigger slice of her cash cake than she anticipated as he’s now pointing to her reality television coins as unexpected income that should render their prenuptial agreement null and void.


Though one might think the 43-year-old donkey-bootied Bravo star has more than enough drama to contend with as her peach hangs in the balance thanks to her publicly falsifying rape and drug abuse allegations against RHOA co-star, Kandi Burruss, Phaedra’s woes are now piling up as her estranged boo, Apollo Nida, recently filed documents requesting that their 2009 prenup be torn up due to the influx of money she made via her illustrious career on TV.


Phaedra Parks Apollo Nida prenup

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According to the inmate’s legal papers, obtained by TMZ, Apollo–who’s currently serving an 8 year sentence in federal prison for bank fraud and money laundering–says he signed off on their marital docs just a few months before his now soon-to-be ex-wife started collected bags on bags on bags as a Real Housewives cast member.
Because their financial situation drastically changed for the better after the ink dried on their prenup, ol’ boy wants the courts to take their surprise money increase into consideration when it comes time to divvy up the dough in their contentious divorce.
Long story short: Apollo wants a payment with a few extra commas and zeros…
As for Phae-Phae, the seasoned yet sullied lawyer reportedly claims her 8-year-old prenup–which she and Apollo signed 9 days before the got married– is “ironclad” and notes that he shouldn’t be awarded a dime in spousal support once their divorce is officially finalized because he waived his rights to alimony per their agreement.
So far, Phaedra has yet to openly comment on her ex’s latest filing.
By : Asia Grace

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