Gucci Mane case gets DISMISSED.



Gucci Mane is a little less “Skressed” out today.
EVEN BEHIND FEDERAL PRISON WALLS, the 34-year-old rapper caught a “W” in the legal battle accusing him of doing concert promoter DIRTY.
The “Bricks” rapper may come from behind bars after a Fulton County Court judge ordered the case against him be dismissed on September 5th, because the company suing him, Empire Entertainment, did not SERVE Gucci within the time allowed by law.
Here’s the DROP:
Empire Entertainment, a company best known for concert promoting, sued the rapper over a schedule performance back in August 2013.
WELL OBVIOUSLY, they had paid the rapper 22.5k to perform at a venue in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The company SPILLED that after GUCH signed the deal, they PEEP him advertising another gig, via his social media, scheduled ON THE SAME DAMN DAY as his booked performance in Little Rock.


According to, “On the date of the concert Gucci showed up but only performed 3 songs — for a total of 15 minutes on stage — and then traveled 138 miles to the other concert in Tennessee. The company said Gucci was so bold that he even came back at that performance and stayed in the hotel Empire got him.”


In true “WE MAD AF” form, Empire Entertainment  sued the rapper for f**king up their ticket sales by advertising the 2nd performance  and they wanted ALL COIN for damages for the breach of contract, alleged fraud, and the money given to him for transportation and lodging.
Guch was arrested shortly after the lawsuit was filed and has been CLINKING a CAN against the prison bars for the last SEVERAL months.


Sources say, the company has been attempting to have the lawsuit served on Gucci for over a year, with no luck despite Gucci not able to avoid service due to his location.
He may be BACK ON THE SKREETS sooner than we thought.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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