Gucci Mane talks getting sober in prison: “It feel like death” 


For the first time since his release from prison after serving a 39 month bid in a federal penitentiary for violating the terms of his probation by carrying a gun, your guy Gucci Mane is opening up about getting sober and in shape while doing time behind the wall.
Nearly two months after rejoining civilization as a free man, the “Everybody Looking,” rapper is spilling guts on the health-conscious lifestyle he adopted during his time as Inmate 65556-019 in prison and how kicking his drug addiction was once a feat he never thought he could successfully accomplish.

“I felt like I couldn’t make music sober, I couldn’t enjoy my money sober,” the ATL representative explains to the New York Times.

gucci mane sober

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“Why would I wanna go to a club and couldn’t smoke or drink? I felt like sex wouldn’t be good sober. I associated everything with being high. In hindsight I see it for what it was: I was a drug addict,” he said. “I was naïve to the fact that I was numb.”


The 36-year-old “Lemonade,” spitter–who’s admittedly been smoking weed and drinking alcohol since he was a teenager and gulping back lean which he sometimes chased with ecstasy or prescription pills since he was 21– went on to say, “I can’t say I felt happy my last six, seven years in the music business. I was just numb. You told me that I was doing good or told me I was doing bad, you hated me or loved me, either which way I greeted with nonchalance. It was sincere nonchalance — like, I really didn’t care.”

Gucci later added, “I used to go in the mall and just look at this stuff and couldn’t fit it. I wanted to lose weight, but if it took for me to stop drinking lean to lose weight, it wasn’t even a choice.”


When asked how he’d describe having to go through withdrawal from the drugs and LQ during his stint behind bars, Guwop says, “It feel like death.”

He continued, “Your body just craving lean bad. Stomach tore up, can’t think straight. Just mad at the world. Temper so short, so violent, so aggressive. So just rude and toxic.”


As for how he manages his bad cravings and temper now, the 1017 Records runner says his prison study time–which consisted of meditation on the teachings of the Bible and self-help books by Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra– has given him the tools to self-soothe instead of indulging in drugs of junk food.

“I’m my own therapist,” La Flare proudly proclaimed.





gucci mane sober

By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_


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